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Portfolio of Computer Skills

I am currently looking for some work to help pay for my education and give me further experience in the computer science field. This document details my experience with social media, blogging, article writing, and graphic art and gives examples of my work. If anyone seeing this is interesting in employing me in any capacity, feel free to leave a comment or email me at

My name is Chris Seekell and I am a student studying web programming and computer science at Manchester Community College. This portfolio is intended to describe the range of computer skills that I have and provide examples of my work. I am a quick learner and am flexible to pick up new skills when necessary, and am currently expanding my knowledge in the field of computer science through MCC. Additionally I have taken classes that range from graphic design, to digital photography, to foreign languages. In this portfolio I will focus on my experience with social media, blogging, article writing, and graphic design.

Social Media Experience

I have a few years experience with social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. As part of the social media team for the, I have built a Facebook page that is approaching 3,000 likes. This page is also linked to a Twitter account that has over 100 followers. I also manage Facebook pages for a few blogs that range in size from 80 to 300 likes, and manage a total of 34 Facebook pages that have over 100 likes.

Social media is a powerful tool to market any product. Recently I headed a project to create and market the first fansite for the upcoming Star Wars TV series, Star Wars: Detours. I used social media networking through Facebook and Twitter to generate interest for the project. In only the window of a few days, I grew the social media pages and accounts to reach over 400 Star Wars fans and peaked the site at 500 hits per day.

Many businesses rely on paid advertising to promote their products. But social media is a far more cost efficient way to generate excitement about a product and reach a higher level of connectivity with the consumers. A company can use Facebook pages and Twitter accounts to market their products to a consumer base and can even grow their overall consumer base through networking. I have experience in building social media presences and connecting them with organization's websites through social media plugins.

Exemplary Facebook pages that I manage for websites:

Page for

Page for

Page for Secrets of the Force Blog

Blogging Experience

I have approaching a years experience creating and managing blogs on I own two personal blogs, one is set up like a traditional blog with archived opinion posts on a range of topics, and another is more like a full website and is focused on Star Wars collecting, online resources, essays, and graphic art. I also created and manage the previously mentioned Star Wars: Detours Blogger site. All of these blogs are promoted through social media marketing. I have the ability to enhance blogs through social media by adding various plugins that encourage user participation and promotion.

Blogger skills that I have experience with also include layout, gadget, template, menu, and page management. These user interface skills are also supplemented by my adequate knowledge in HTML programming which can be used to customize the layout of posts, build custom gadgets, and add various embedded objects like Youtube videos and Flickr slideshows.

Exemplary blogger sites I have built and manage:

Secrets of the Force

The Gleemo Blog

Star Wars: Detours

Article Writing Experience

I enjoy writing articles including opinion essays, television reviews, and informative pieces. Here are some examples of my work.

Informative Article: How To Make Your Own Language

Informative Article: How To Make Cool Star Wars Desktop Wallpaper

Opinion Essay: What Contributes To A Quality Clone Wars Episode

Entertainment Review: My Thoughts On The Third TOR Cinematic Trailer

Television Review: The Clone Wars Season 3

Television Review: The Clone Wars Episode 66: Wookiee Hunt

Graphic Design Experience

I am familiar with several image editing programs like Microsoft Paint, Gimp,, and I have used these editors to create graphics and logos for my blogs and Facebook pages and desktop wallpapers. Most of my experience involves using image editor techniques and graphic design principles to alter, combine, and arrange various pre-created images. I have the ability to create both transparent PNG and animated GIF graphics. Here are some examples of wallpapers I have created.

Savage Opress Wallpaper

Darth Obius Wallpaper

Cad Bane Wallpaper

List of websites and programs I have experience with...

Google AdSense and AdWords
Google Chrome
Google Docs
Internet Explorer
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Works
Microsoft Paint
NetBeans IDE
Open Office
Oracle SQL Developer
Photo Scape
Ubuntu OS
Windows Movie Maker
Windows OS
Yahoo Mail

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