Saturday, June 18, 2011

New Star Wars TV Series Announced!

On June 14th, in a CNN interview, George Lucas revealed that a new Star Wars TV show called "Star Wars: Detours" was coming down the pipeline. "Now, I'm working on television shows, 'Clone Wars' and another show called 'Star Wars: Detours'," was all Lucas would say about the project. The full interview is embedded below.

Several months ago had reported that Lucasfilm had filed for a trademark on the name "Star Wars: Detours". A copy of that trademark can be found here.

The trademark covers a wide variety of merchandise like adult novels, children's books, art, school, and party supplies, and even coffee table books. So Lucasfilm definitely is making a big tent for this brand name.

It is possible that this new TV series is the long anticipated, yet mysterious "comedy" series reportedly headed by the creators of Robot Chicken, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich. As this comedy series was described to be outside the main storylines of the Star Wars saga, "Detours" would be a logical name for it.

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