Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Vintage Figures

Recently I won three awesome vintage figures from a contest at the Toy Closet's Facebook page. They are the Force Ghost of Anakin, Admiral Ackbar, and Emperor Palpatine. All three are in great condition and make fine additions to my collection. I thought I would share some images of them with you guys, as well as publicly thank the Toy Closet for their generosity.

Below is a comparison of three generations of Emperor Palpatine figures. On the left is the original Kenner version from the 1980s, in the middle is the Power of the Force II version from a decade later, and on the right is a modern Hasbro version. It's amazing how much the technology has improved in only a few decades.

And here are two different versions of Anakin's Force Ghost. On the right is the original Sebastian Shaw version, and on the left is the Hayden Christensen version that replaced the original in the 2004 DVD releases and onward.

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