The Clone Wars Season 4 Preview
A great deal of info about the upcoming 4th season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars has been flooding in during Comic-Con. On Wednesday an exclusive clip was released on EW's site that introduced a new female Deathwatch member that will be voiced by Katee Sackhoff of Battlestar Galactica fame. It also revealed that Lux Bonteri from season 3's Heroes On Both Sides will return in season 4. more

Posted by Chris on 7/21/2011

My Thoughts on the Third TOR Cinematic Trailer
On June 6th, 2011, the third and presumably final in a series of cinematic CGI trailers was released for the Star Wars: The Old Republic (TOR) MMORPG. I would just be talking in detail about his trailer on comment threads and message boards -and I probably still will- so I wanted to put down some of my initial thoughts right here in one place on my blog. For those of you who don't know already, Bioware is releasing this game later this year, and it's set thousands of years before the film saga. It's an online game that people will pay to subscribe to and play the game together on different servers. It's technically a sequel to a previous online game called Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR). To gain publicity for the game, a trilogy of epic 5 or 6 minute long trailers have been released. The first depicts the Sith invasion of the Jedi Temple and the planet Coruscant, the second the beginning of a rebellion against Sith occupation on Alderaan, and this new one shows a space battle in the Sith's invasion of Korriban. more

Posted by Chris on 6/7/2011

Season 4 Trailer Update
Two thirty-second trailers for the fourth season of the Clone Wars have come out so far. They notably depict battles in space, a watery planet, and Naboo. Characters shown include a SCUBA Ahsoka, a four armed Jedi, Phase II clone armor, a marine Kit Fisto, Admiral Ackbar, General Grievous, Count Dooka, Anakin, and Padme. more

Posted by Chris on 4/10/2011