Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Collection: Clone Wars Movie: Coruscant Guard

Commander Fox: Now this is a cool looking figure! The paint detailing is fantastic, and the joints are super articulated. The only detraction is that his helmet doesn't come off, but I guess Hasbro had to do that, since we don't know what he looks like under there. Technically this figure is a combination of Captain Rex's body and the extra interchangeable trooper helmet head that came with Obi-Wan Kenobi. Commander Fox was a Target exclusive, but is definitely worth the higher price as he looks great posed with his Coruscant Guards.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

Coruscant Guard Trooper: A bunch of these came in a battle pack with a Yoda figure. They are the classic Clone Wars super articulated clone body. The paint detailing is adequate. Individually the Guards aren't that impressive, but in mass they make great troop builders. As I mentioned before, they look great posed with their Commander.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

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