Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Collection: Clone Wars Movie: Coruscant

IG-86: This is Ziro the Hutt's IG-86 assassin droid. It is definitely one of the best figures in the Clone Wars line. There is articulation in all the joints, making it superposable. There is a unique hinge on the fingers that allows the hands to grip objects of any size, including the twin blasters that it comes with. There is also a rack that attaches to the back of the droid that can be used to store the basters. The paint detail is pretty good, and the wires popping out of the body give it a realistic look.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

Padmé Amidala: Even though it only has limited articulation, stylistically, the white adventure Padmé is well crafted, with great paint detailing and sculpting. She also comes with the cape and hood from the movie that fit well. The blaster at her side looks a bit bulky, but her hand does grip it securely. The style of this figure reminds me a bit of the that of the Tartakovsky series.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

C-3PO: Threepio is also a decent looking figure. He has articulation in all the necessary places and can even grip select objects with his digits. The best feature of this figure is that he comes with the glowing eyes that R2s and Jawas tend to have. This really brings life to his face when you shine a light behind it. To me, the color scheme seems a tad to dark. But the sculpting is adequate.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

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