Thursday, October 20, 2011

Collecting: Seripas Review

Ever since Seripas made his debut in the Season 2 episode Bounty Hunters, collectors have been anticipating this figure. A couple years later, Hasbro has finally made him. This figure is really ambitious, because it's technically two figures, a tiny Seripas figurine inside a large robotic suite. The figurine itself is pretty disappointing. Even though it has a good sculpt and detailing, there is absolutely no articulation and it's stuck in a sitting position.

All the good features of the figure are included in the outside armor. The head swings off to reveal a detailed cavity to place the sedentary figurine in, however the hinge is pretty cheap and there is no clasp that secures the head cover shut. The arms and legs have modern articulation everywhere but the ankles, which restricts certain poses. Yet the figure still balances well. The arms contain pop-out accessories, but the hands do not grasp Seripas' weapon very well.

The pros of this figure are the great sculpting and detailing, the figure inside a figure feature, and the good balance. The cons are the cheap hinge, lack of ankle articulation, lack of articulation on the figurine, and difficulty grasping the weapon.


  1. Great review and nice pictures!!

    I haven't seen this figure before but it's really cool. I liked his character in Season 2.

  2. Thanks. I'm going to have to find a better site to store my pictures than Picasa (which is default for Blogger) because it brings down the quality a bit. The original pics I took were much more detailed. But glad to hear it isn't that noticeable.