Wednesday, May 18, 2011

My Collection: Droids Duology

IG-86 Assassin Droids: These are Gha Nachkt's IG-86 assassin droids. They are definitely some of the best figures in the Clone Wars line. There is articulation in all the joints, making them superposable. There is a unique hinge on the fingers that allows the hands to grip objects of any size, including the twin blasters that they come with. There is also a rack that attaches to the back of the droids that can be used to store the basters. The paint detail is pretty good, and the wires popping out of the body give them a realistic look.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

Gha Nachkt: This is an interesting figure... too bad he doesn't come with a pull string fart sound mechanism ;) His articulation is similar to the fellow tridactyl Yoda, with no knee joints, but ball jointed ankles. His asymmetrical facial features are sculpted pretty well. Complete with gangly arms and a jawa juice belly, Gha Nachkt is an intriguing form for Hasbro to make. But it didn't come out half bad.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

General Grievous: This is the first incarnation of the fearsome droid general in the Clone Wars line. This figure has poor articulation and is a little top heavy despite the clawed feet. Another issue is that he doesn't hold his lightsabers very well. Positives of this figure include a decent sculpt and interchangeable arms, but overall it could have been better executed.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

Ahsoka and Anakin: These are the same as the original single carded versions in the first few waves. The only difference is that they come with cloth ponchos.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

R2 and Goldie: These awesome figures come with all the parts to reenact their epic dual. They both have basically the same sculpt and features. The main difference is that they have different paint schemes and R2 comes with jets on his legs. Common features include tools that come out of their front, a rope that goes out their back, and a rotoscope.

See R2's Rebelscum photo archive

...and Goldie's photo archive

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