Monday, April 11, 2011

My Collection: Clone Wars Movie: Clones

Clone Trooper: Several versions of the white clone trooper have come out. This one is the best in my opinion. It has clean white armor, articulation everywhere, and a removable helmet. Anytime a new clone comes out without this body as a template, I scratch my head.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

Captain Rex: This is the clean armor version of Captain Rex. It was the first Clone Wars figure to be released through a mail-away deal, with dirty a version included in the first wave. The articulation is nearly perfect. Rex has a removable helmet, and his twin blasters fit inside holsters on his skirt. The only gripe I have is with the detailing of the helmet and face, both are a bit off. Recently Hasbro released a slightly modified version that has both of these issues fixed.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

Commander Cody: This figure of Cody is one of my favorites from the early waves; unlike Rex, the detailing of his face and removable helmet is pretty good. Similar to all the early clones, Cody has articulation everywhere. It took me several months to track down the first Cody figure ever made; thankfully I found the Clone Wars version much sooner after release.

See figure's Rebelscum photo archive

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